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AxpertSoft pdf splitter software is advanced desktop tool to split a large pdf document in multiple parts
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21 January 2015

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This utility helps split large PDF documents.

Axpertsoft - PDF Splitter Software helps get around the problem of sending large PDF documents over the Internet. It will help split a document into multiple pieces. For whatever reason, when you want to break a larger document into smaller PDFs, this is a tool that makes it easy to do so. It is possible to define the method to be used for creating smaller parts having specific number of pages per split pdf. You can split PDF pages by number of pages per file, collating every specific number of page, split page range like 4, 9, 12-17 etc. extract or remove specific pages of a PDF file as a new PDF, split odd pages, split even pages etc. It is possible to break a PDF into multiple documents of equal sizes (in KB).

You can use this tool to extract or remove specific pages. The program comes with a free evaluation version. To make evaluation easier, links are built-in for instant calls for help from the support division. This tool is meant for use on the Windows platform and is compatible with Windows versions right up to version 7. When splitting into multiple pieces, the output documents into multiple pieces, the output files could be automatically renamed such as 001.PDF, 002.PDF, etc. You can define macros to help name files the way you want. The software is easy to use and no user should face any challenges in learning to use the same. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

AxpertSoft pdf splitter software is advanced desktop tool to split a large pdf document in multiple parts. Tool lets user to split its pages into multiple equal file sizes as well. Use AxpertSoft pdf split application to extract specified pages. Removing a set of pages from pdf file is now easy with the help of pdf splitter Windows application. AxpertSoft pdf splitter software has following features:
1. Split pdf into specific number of pages per pdf.
2. Tool quickly removes all the pages input by user like 4, 9-12, 39...etc.
3. If need to extract provided pages as a single pdf only, this tool is best choice.
4. Split a large 4 GB pdf into 8 equal size pdf each of 512 MB.
5. Apart from extracting, it helps in splitting pdf by specifying pages like 5, 9, 12-45...etc.
6. Collate every few pages of pdf document using this tool.
7. Specify output pdf file name page numbering with option of leading zeros.
Split Large Pdf
Split Large Pdf
Version 1.2.5
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